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(Wine Futures) - Over the last thirty years, we have developed strong bonds with the negociants, growers and châteaux in Bordeaux and Burgundy. Every year we travel to these regions to taste the new wines and secure good allocations of the very best wines for our customers. As soon as prices are released, the wines are available for purchase "En Primeur" - the process of buying wine before it's bottled and released onto the market. Wines can only be purchased by the straight case as supplied by the winery (case sizes may vary from 3, 6, 12 and 24 half bottles) and are usually delivered 2-3 years after the vintage. The wines generally offered En Primeur by JN Wine are from Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhône Valley and Ridge Vineyards (California).

En Primeur prices exclude VAT & duty but do include shipping from the winery to our bonded warehouse in Belfast and then onwards to your door within NI or ROI. Onward delivery of duty paid wines to addresses in GB mainland is £10.95 for 1 case and £7.95 per case thereafter. Onward delivery to other bonded warehouses in GB mainland  is charged at the pallet rate of £90 including VAT (up to 10 cases). Vat & duty become payable once the wine is withdrawn from a bonded warehouse.

Once the wines have arrived in Belfast, you will be notified of their arrival and asked for storage instructions or onward delivery instructions. You can choose to store them in our Customers’ Reserves area of our bonded warehouse in Belfast or have them delivered. If/when you choose to have the wines released from a bonded warehouse, the duty and VAT become payable at the prevailing rates in the jurisdiction of delivery.

Duty in the UK is currently £26.78 per case (12 x 75cl bottles) and VAT (applied to the combined purchase price of the wine and duty) is 20%.

Duty in ROI is currently €38.24 per case (12 x 75cl bottles) and VAT (applied to the combined purchase price of the wine and duty) is 21% (21% between 1 September 2020 and 28 February 2021).

No other discounts or vouchers apply to En Primeur wines.

Don't just take our word for it...

Recommended by Jancis Robinson as a responsible merchant for the sale of En Primeur wines

"Bordeaux 2009 - Where to Buy" (16 April 2010),
Purple pages,

"Another veteran website, attracts online customers from north, south and further afield thanks to an admirably rigorous approach to picking first-rate suppliers." (11 March 2018)

Mary Dowey, The Glass Magazine, 

Featured as one of 18
"exceptional wine shops" (12/13 June 2010)
Jancis Robinson, Financial Times, (12/13 June 2010) 

Listed as one of the Top 10 wine shops in the UK
Jane MacQuitty, The Times, (3 July 2010)

"For every wine merchant in Ireland, achievement is measured by the benchmarks set up by Jim Nicholson and his team... Standards of sourcing wines and of service to the customer are established here..."                 John McKenna, Bridgeston Guide Review 2018


Broking Services

Broking involves the buying and selling of mature, fine wine, usually under bond but also duty paid. JN Wine are keen to hear from both buyers and sellers in this respect.

How it works

Selling - we list our wines on our Broking list and on the completion of the sale we will pay you the agreed selling price less 10%. You therefore receive 90% of the selling price. We will collect the wines (within NI) free of charge. We also offer a free valuation service. In general we are only interested in broking full cases unless the single bottles are particularly rare. Where we agree to purchase outright from a customer we will typically pay the selling price less 20%.

Buying - please let us know if you are interested in receiving our broking list which is updated on a monthly basis.

JN's broking list includes interesting fine and rare parcels of wine, which we are listing on behalf of a third party. We only purchase from reputable sources and check the condition of all wines before selling. Photographs can be supplied on request. No further discounts apply to wines on our broking list. Payment for these wines must be made by bank transfer or debit card. Payment by credit card will incur a handling fee.

Current Broking List


Storage is available under bond at £9.50 (€11.00) per unit per case per year. The storage year runs from 1st September - 31st August and is billed in arrears.

Please note that wine stored under bond can only be removed in full case lots.

All delivery and storage charges, VAT & Duty rates are correct as at September 2020.

For En Primeur, Fine Wine, Broking enquiries please contact:

Jane Boyce MW Fine Wine Manager at James Nicholson Wine
About Jane Boyce MW

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