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Choosing the Right Wine

With so much choice it’s hard to know what to go for when browsing the shelves of your local wine merchant or supermarket

we have some tips to help your buying decision.

Follow our 5 easy steps below:

1 - Ignore the Fancy Logo

It’s very easy to get sucked in by a fancy label (even if it would get lots of likes on Instagram), but more often than not this is the only exciting thing about the wine. You’re better off checking the back label for a description of the grape varieties it contains, or production methods.

2 - Avoid Waffle

Avoid wines with waffley descriptions and funny quips that tell you very little about the actual contents of the bottle, again it’s the back label that will tell you the real truth about the wine, look for the grape variety or blend as well as things like oak ageing.

3 - Check the Alcohol Level

If you’re looking for a dry white wine, check out the alcohol level (most whites are between 10-13% ABV). Generally speaking, the lower the ABV the higher chance that it will contain some residual sugar from the fermentation process, so this should give you some idea. For reds, if you are wanting to keep it light-bodied and easy going, avoid higher alcohol levels.

4 - Go off Piste

Look for off-the-beaten-track alternatives, for an example everyone knows and loves a Rioja, but an £10/€15 per bottle of northern-Spanish Tempranillo might give you more bang for your buck than a cheaply produced Rioja. Crazy Grapes?

5 - Finally, Just Ask

That’s what we’re here for. We are more than happy to advise you and help you make your choices, whether it be for a Tuesday night tipple or a lavish dinner party

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