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The Höpler family has been making wine since the 1860’s and it was Jost Höpler in the 1980’s who founded the business as we know it today. The Höpler family and the von Trapp family have maintained a close friendship and business relationship for many years. Höpler have produced the house wines for the von Trapp family lodge in Vermont for over 50 years.

The History

By 2004, the original winery in Winden am See was proving too small so it was moved to the current site in the neighbouring village of Breitenbrunn.

Situated on the North West shore of Lake Neusiedl, in Burgenland, a location that enables Höpler to produce an extensive range of wines that provide the quality demanded by Michelin-starred customers and appreciating wine consumers worldwide.  75% of Höpler wines are exported, they are one of the leading exporters of premium Austrian wine.

Today Chrisof Höpler is the owner and wine maker. He took over from his father Jost in 2007 and continues the family tradition – sensitively farming 50 hectares of vines.  His stewardship ensures a balance combining up to date viticultural practices with proven methods of the past.

Christof enjoys the beauty and colour in everything. Always up for an adventure and with a dizzying head for speed he feels and senses life deeply and thankfully these are vital attributes for a winemaker! He gains enormous energy from travel and his interaction with customers and loves to share ideas and try new things. 


The winery

The Höpler winery is a 2,500m² modern facility equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and powered by solar energy.

The winery is light and airy providing a great working environment for the team.  These are prerequisites for the consistent production of their high-quality wines.

Höpler is certified as a sustainable producer, the winery is IFS certified and like all Austrian producers, Höpler are regulated by Austrian wine law, widely acknowledged to be one the most rigorous in the world.


Wine making

Christof believes a good wine will find its own balance. It takes time and it requires sensitivity. He uses traditional wine making methods and draws on modern improvements when it makes sense.

The majority of Höpler wines are fermented and stored in stainless steel tanks and using French oak barrels to mature the balance, mainly in the red wines. All the wines are vegan, no animal-based products are used.

At Höpler they keep things simple, allowing the wines to mature in harmony, develop strong characters, and find their own identity. Their origins in the Höpler vineyards always remain tangible and lend a clear signature to the wines. Allowing them the freedom to find their own balance and, in return, they thank us with their highest quality.


Vineyard Practices

Höpler is certified sustainable by Sustainable Austria and has been following sustainable practices for decades. This is a process of continual improvement.

Vineyards have lifespans in excess of 40 years. Caring about the health of our ecosystem and ensuring we treat it well is at the heart of what we do.

Our vines are watered only by natural rainfall, no pesticides are used. Cover crops and natural compost, are used between rows to add nutrients, attract beneficial insects and prevent erosion. Old vineyards fallow for up to 10 years to allow the soil to rest before re-planting.

Practices are adjusted according to each vineyard and the prevailing climate. Every year is slightly different. Leaf management practices vary to suit the aspect of the vines and the varietal. More airflow around the fruit can help reduce the risk of fungal disease but too much sun exposure can stress the grapes and limit their development.

Understanding the balance maintained by nature helps minimise intervention.

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